Thursday, 29 October 2009

Aren't I adorable?

Made this card for my Dad, who loves Orangutans (as I do!) its getting harder to make cards for him as Ive covered most grounds with this theme now :s

The top 2 atcs are made for a swap on a great little forum called magicalcrafts...vintage theme, perfect small project to get me into a bit of crafting with having so little time!

The bottom 2 I made for my dear friend Liz :) She loves her atcs and its because of her I perservere with trying to do them! lol (thanks Liz :)


  1. Well Kairen Do I not know how very nice these really are? They are just so beautiful they have pride of place on the front cover of my 3rd ATC album You have come on with your ATC's so much they are really top work
    You are an all round top crafter one of the best I know really, its a crying shame you have not got more time! You will tho you will have time yet..your still young(don't forget to eat your Marmite now!)gets you all places!!!
    Liz xxx

  2. I bet your dad loved his monkey card Kairen, would write the other word but it's too long!

    Great atcs x

  3. rofl......but liz ...I HATE marmite!! :S thanks for the lovely comments, its you who keeps me plodding along with a hand in some things you know ;)
    Thanks Louise,:) yep he did love the card... you mean orangutan ? (too long?)lol
    Hugs Kairen xxx

  4. Hi kairen,
    Frabtically blog hopping trying to catch up, bet dad will love the monkey card, so cute.
    Atc's are beautiful, which are on their way back to you hun,
    Thanks for playing..
    Hugs Angel

  5. Hello Kairen

    I love your aranatag card, and your Vintage ATC's I just LOVE, they are fantastic. Oh I so love this era.


  6. Just wanted to come on here and wish you a very merry christmas and hope that 2010 is a fab year for you xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. OMG - swap the red for blonde and my youngest looks like that orang-utan and I never noticed it until I saw this picture.... she was hanging off the top rung of a ladder at 15 months and we have no idea how....
    great card by the way.