Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Comissioned Glass piece

As ordered by someone for their Spurs loving boyfriend!

Thought it would take me ages to do, but whipped this one out in just over an hour, good job really as I only had an afternoon to get it done before they went away on holiday! lol

Monday, 27 July 2009

Its been a while!


Well, its been a long time since i last posted anything new on here,mainly due to the downturn in events with my dads health, leaving me little time ( and enthusiasm!?) to craft...
But in the meantime, heres a few bits ive done recently, shall list more over the next few days...
got a hectic weekend ahead, my brothers getting married! (its taken me ages to find anything to wear! though judging by the weather, wellies and a waterproof mac might be whats called for! lol) Made a bookatrix style card with parchment paper and the colour theme of the wedding ( lilacs) Didnt have any other strong card for the box than blue, bit disappointing really :S