Monday, 27 July 2009

Its been a while!


Well, its been a long time since i last posted anything new on here,mainly due to the downturn in events with my dads health, leaving me little time ( and enthusiasm!?) to craft...
But in the meantime, heres a few bits ive done recently, shall list more over the next few days...
got a hectic weekend ahead, my brothers getting married! (its taken me ages to find anything to wear! though judging by the weather, wellies and a waterproof mac might be whats called for! lol) Made a bookatrix style card with parchment paper and the colour theme of the wedding ( lilacs) Didnt have any other strong card for the box than blue, bit disappointing really :S


  1. Kairen thanks for letting me see your crafts again I am trying to fix out the forum links for you You really must start doing the challenges with yoyr cards they are so good I will help you Rits is starting when she gets bck too andd I am helping her she will have told you gret we are all such good friends yet I just love your projects
    Liz xx

  2. Thats gorgeous hun x I think the blue box looks fine xxx