Thursday, 29 October 2009

Aren't I adorable?

Made this card for my Dad, who loves Orangutans (as I do!) its getting harder to make cards for him as Ive covered most grounds with this theme now :s

The top 2 atcs are made for a swap on a great little forum called magicalcrafts...vintage theme, perfect small project to get me into a bit of crafting with having so little time!

The bottom 2 I made for my dear friend Liz :) She loves her atcs and its because of her I perservere with trying to do them! lol (thanks Liz :)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Nephews 18th

My nephew is 18 this month, and joining up with the army (I have such mixed feelings about that!) Really hard age to make a card for ( for a male anyway, but then arent they all?!? lol)
Thanks to Paula for the help with the 3d sheet :) (I used a freee template to do the 18 card, and free backing graphics for the camoflauge)

His mum thinks he will love it. I do hope so :)