Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Nephews Footie Card

Cuddly Buddly designs came to the rescue yet again when I was completely stumped as to what to make for my nephews 11th birthday card! this collection has proved invaluable when it comes to those awkward mens cards with a personal touch....... how did i live without them before?!

Thanks for the comments left, after such a long time away from my blog, i was dubious anyone would even remember it! lol sadly I dont get as much time to craft at the moment, but will post whatever I do make, the enthusiasm is bubbling away, its just finding the time to fulfill my creative urges! lol :)


  1. Kairen thats lovely really fab yoyr a top totty Hows ur Dad I will e mail you tonight

    Liz xx

  2. Super card Kairen
    nice to see you blogging again
    Hope things are better for you these days

  3. good to see you back blogging, that card is fresh and sporty just what an 11 year old would want great work

  4. hello Kairen love your card! great to see you back! hope your Dad is feeling much better, take care love and hugs Panmmie x x

  5. Thanks for the comments all :)
    Dad is doing okay, still in hospital, bored to tears, good sign in a way though! difficult as he cant talk, but we get round that with a wipeboard and pen ;) no news on long term result of op though, have to wait for the consultant to return off his hols for that one! (typical!)
    lot of to and fro to the hospital every day, hence not much time to do anything craftwise...:)
    shall nip round everyones blogs now and see what YOUVE been doing! lol xxx

  6. Kairen just like ya u join up as I am leaving soglad not I am taking me lappy with me I really do miss ya

    liz x